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Here are some online flash games that you will have fun playing. These games are all hosted on this site so you do not leave this site to play them.

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asteroid rain flash game Asteroid Rain

The object in asteroid rain is to use the guns on your spaceship to destroy all of the asteroids before they can hit your spaceship. You score ten points for each asteroid destroyed.

the lost treasure game

Lost Treasure

You need to find the treasure that is on the sea bed. You score points for each piece of treasure that you find. However, you must be careful to avoid running out of oxygen or being eaten by the sharks which are swimming around.

motor car racing game Racing By The Sea Motor Car Racing

In this flash car driving game you have to drive a racing car along a race track and you have to overtake the other 100 racing cars to win the race. You must be careful not to hit the other cars or go off the race track.

naval attack flash game Naval Attack Game

In this online flash game the enemy fleet are trying to destroy your tanks so that their army can invade your country. You need to destroy them using your guns before they are able to destroy all the tanks with their missiles.

shhot or be shot flash airplane game Shoot Or To Be Shot - Airplane Game

The object in this online flash airplane game is to use your jet fighter to shoot down the enemy airplanes before they can reach their target. If you allow one hundred of the enemy airplanes to reach it, you have lost the game.

bowling master flash game Bowling Master- 10 Pin Bowling Game

This is a good 10 pin bowling game. See how many strikes you can get.

flash billiards game Flash Billiards Game

The object in this online billiards game is to try and pot all six of the red billiard balls before the time runs out, or you run out of shots.

great race flash game The Great Race - Flash Game

The object in this flash racing car game is to race the other cars, but you must be careful not to crash into them.

homerun rally baseball game Homerun Rally - Flash Baseball Game

The object in this online baseball game is to hit as many home runs as you can.

netblazer basketball game Netblazer Basketball Game

The object in this online flash basketball game is to try and score as many baskets as you can from 35 shots - but before the time (180 seconds) runs out.

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