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Defender of the Moon (Arcade Game)

In this arcade game, you are the commander of a tank on a desert moon. Aliens from Vraktu VII are attacking the base to steal it's energy. It is your job to defend the base!

Instructions: To start the game, click the mouse anywhere within the game window. Aim with the mouse. Click to fire a laser beam. As soon as you get close to the left or right border, the tank will move in this direction. You can also move the tank using the Cursor Left / Right keys. The laser needs energy to operate. This energy is always re-generating at a slow rate.

D i s p l a y - Weapon energy is displayed in the upper left part of the console. Your score is displayed below the Weapons energy. The Radar in the center is showing all enemy ships. Ships draining energy are red. The remaining energy of the base is in the upper right part of the console. As soon as this energy reaches zero, the game is over.

P o w e r - U p s - If you destroy the alien attack sphere (this sphere needs several hits to be destroyed) you will get one of three power-ups:
W - Weapon Energy: Your laser will refill much faster
S - Speed: Your tank will much faster with this extra
E - Energy: This will refill the base's energy.

Please allow time for the game to load.

Written by Lennart Steinke, visit for more games!

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