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Free Online Java Games

We have lots of different online java games here. Click on the title of the game and the game will load automatically. All of these java games are completely free to play and no registration is required.

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3d car driving game 3D Car Driver Game
Drive your car, but keep it on the road and avoid the obstacles and other cars.
carpet golf game Carpet Golf Game
This online carpet golf game will keep you busy for hours. Choose which of the six golf courses you want to play. There are three practice courses and three tournament courses.
Use the paddle and ball to knock holes in the walls.
A one-sided Battleship game. Try to find all the ships in less than 50 turns. It is similiar to the battleship game. It is played by trying to guess where all of the computer ships are, in the least number of tries.
baseball game Longball
It's home run derby.  Select a difficulty, press the "Play" button and swing away.  Strikes and hits that don't leave the park are called out.  You get 10 outs each time you play.
java battleship game Battleship
Try to sink the computer's ships before he sinks yours in this Java version of the classic BattleShip game!
Here is a free online java version of the classic breakout game.
Crazy Carl loves to fish but he has no fishing pole or net. So, he just runs the river, clobbering his prey. However, Carl has to be careful, too... his canoe gets damaged when he hits the river banks, logs, leaves, or any trash that floats down the river. In two minutes, how many points can you earn for Crazy Carl?
A quick moving game where you have to catch the rain with your pad while avoiding nasty fireballs and falling bombs.

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